Increase Sales on Your Horse Business Web Site: Keep it Easy and Current

Posted at 4:15 pm on 04/17/2018

All businesses, in the equine industry and otherwise, need to have a website in today's modern times. It is an excellent and essential tool to inform customers about services offered, animals for sale, etc. Unfortunately, this question (which you should be asking yourself regularly) doesn't get asked enough by business owners, "Is my business really doing its best to sell on its website, or could it use a "sprucing up" to keep it current and user-friendly?" A website works for your business 24/7, but it will only truly help if it's updated frequently and user-friendly.

All websites need certain pages to help potential clients "research" about your farm, blacksmith or veterinary services, etc. Unfortunately, if a website is missing critical information, is out-of-date, or is just hard to read then it won't help clients at all and it certainly can't rank well with search engine optimization (SEO). How easy each page is to find, understand and navigate can make all the difference from getting the sale versus the customer leaving your site because he or she can't understand what is written or how to find information on the site.

Website content is incredibly important both visually and in determining its effectiveness. Fresh and unique website content is critical to "motivate" customers to frequently visit your site. Certain pages, like the HOME PAGE, ABOUT, PRODUCTS/SERVICES and the CONTACT page are essential to helping customers "surf" your page. Additionally, the overall layouts and useful information on all are critical to success - engagement of new visitors is only a two to four second time, so getting the "biggest bang for the buck" is essential. Website clean-up provides an opportunity to write simpler and more straight-forward copy on all pages to more effectively target and engage new visitors.

If your website is not current then it will most certainly lack professional polish, causing your business to lose any authority. If there is outdated material on the website then those looking for your offerings will look elsewhere. Honestly, poorly designed and out out-of-date information causes customers to make negative assumptions about the business, as a whole.

Updating your website also has the added bonus of keeping it higher in search engine rankings. It has been said that even if a website is full of high-quality material if it hasn't been updated in years then it will not be regarded as "current" by search engines, something essential in today's business world.

Although it takes time and effort, re-writing and updating information on your website can give increased traffic, engagement and improve ratings on search engines. All of this leads to more business and greater sales. Please contact me if you ever need help decreasing old, cluttered website information, or just improving the efficiency of your web pages, (352-229-4868, or here). In the meantime, have a GREAT spring, put profit first and trot on.

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