Posted at 4:22 pm on 09/26/2017

Ever wonder why you work and work and you still never seem to be making anything after all the bills are paid? Have you ever considered that you really need to be asking yourself a different question? Try asking, “How do I streamline my business to ALLOW it to become profitable”? Often, the lack of profitability can be found closer than you realize.

When you get stop looking out and turn your attention to what is INSIDE of your business, you can then eliminate the non-profitable enterprises and get rid of the useless waste. Just because it works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you and your unique business. Excessive expenditures, lackluster services being offered, paying too much for major costs and other non-profitable ventures can be real profit snatchers.

Give a good look to your business and find the areas that need to be to go on a diet, get fitter or simply need to “be put out to pasture” completely. Doing this one step will give you needed time for more profitable and (hopefully) fun parts of the business. Trot on!

Jamie W

Kismet Business Services, LLC 

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