The equine industry is highly specialized and all areas of this business are little understood by others

There are not nearly enough professional equine professionals who help the equine industry run their business AS A BUSINESS.

My areas of expertise include:


  • BOOKKEEPING – clean-up and maintain books (virtual and cloud-based for all locations)
  • PUT PROFIT FIRST-Improve the business bottom line
  • CLEAN UP BUSINESS WASTE: In the books and ALL needed areas of tne business
  • WEB SITE UPDATING/IMPROVING (or any other needed wrting or editing)

Additional Skills:


I excel at increasing efficiency and decreasing waste in all areas of your business. Let me know how I can best help make your good horse business great!


(05/23/2018) All horse businesses (and small businesses), want most to succeed, improve and be the best for the long haul. Certainly, having a business has many freedoms, but it also involves trying to do everything to get it right. Here are key pointers essential for all trying to make their equine industry businesses stay successful, growing and improving.KEEP YOUR BUSINESS A BUSINESSYour business is its own entity. You form an LLC or incorporate your to separate yourself from business liability and to assist with legal and financial obligations. As such, having separate business and personal accounts are truly one of the first and most important steps a business owner needs to stay smart. When trying to get loans, mortgages, etc, separation of the business from personal accounts becomes essential to not "muddy the waters" and to showcase the business in a professional light.PUT CUSTOMER SERVICE AT THE HEAD OF THE GAMEThis can't be stressed enough. Without happy clients and customers, there will be no business. Your customers are your business, so treat them all with respect and place value on each one.FOCUS ON YOUR TALENTS AND BEST SKILLSYou got into the business because you love horses and have a talent, whether that be in the veterinary field, as a farrier, trainer, rider, or something else in the horse business. Perhaps you have a great business that caters to the equine industry. Regardless of your talents, focus on those skills and abilities and always stay open to learning more. If areas of your business are NOT your strengths, then outsourcing that work, hiring contractors, or potentially staff to correctly tackle those issues is your smartest move to help your business, save money and time. Outsourcing office needs like bookkeeping, payroll, bill pay, marketing, etc., can save money and time. By not paying an employee, you eliminate having to pay worker's compensation, insurance and health benefits, etc. KEEP PUSHING YOUR BUSINESS TO BE BETTER AND THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.Using mentors and getting business support, spending time as a working student or doing an internship, or even joining business organizations can all help give ideas, support and education. All provide invaluable experiences that will serve long after each has ended. Regardless, always looking for new avenues where the business can succeed is necessary for long-term business viability.KEEP YOUR WEBSITE UPDATED, ACCURATE AND CUSTOMER-FRIENDLYHow many times have you gone onto a website, only to find it difficult to understand and use? Keeping your website easy to read and understand, as well as simple and user friendly can be your single most important rule to follow to keep customers and generate sales. It is also the first vision that a potential client has into your business so showing your business in its best light is paramount.CORRECLTY SAVE RECORDS FOR DEDUCTIONS AND AT TAX TIMEAlong the same path as having separate accounts for business and personal, keeping accurate and careful records for business is essential for tax-time, for determining deductions and with avoiding/fixing the dreaded audit. The "paper trail" has come a LONG WAY and now all receipts can be stored and kept "digitally", keeping a record and making correct classifications immediate. Keeping up with technology is essential, so the" shoebox of receipts" is just simply not good enough, nor is it necessary anymore.LOOK AT FINANCIAL REPORTS TO UNDERSTAND BUSINESS HEALTHAs mentioned above, the business areas may not be your strong points, but running a business requires looking at and understanding financial statements, such as the income statement (profit and loss) and the balance sheet. Having your bookkeeper, CPA or other trusted financial advisor help you read and understand these reports can be invaluable to keep your business healthy and growing. Think about it…you pay for a lawyer because you neither understand nor are trained in legal matters-the same is true of office, marketing and other business needs.MARKET AND ADVERTISE -USE YOUR SOURCES AND EXPLORE NEW AVENUESIf customers don't know who you are, or what you do, then they won't know who you are, or what you do. Effective advertising and marketing doesn't always have to cost money, either. Today's social media can be used very effectively to get your message and mission out for very little financial investment. Paid advertising will always be an essential part of business but staying on a budget is more possible than ever in today's online age.STAY UP WITH CHANGING TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGYYou got into the business because you are an excellent trainer, rider, veterinarian, farrier, etc, not because you wanted to spend hours in the office, staying up with technology. If you don't have time, or resources to ensure that your office is "up to speed", be sure that those who handle your business stay current with trends and technology to keep your business sharp.BE PROUD OF SUCCESSES; WORK TO ELIMINATE AND REDUCE FAILUREPerhaps one of the most important steps to a business is having a sense of humor and being true to yourself and what you are trying to accomplish. Certainly, having your own business has its ups and downs, so take the time to appreciate where you have been successful and look at "failure" as opportunities to learn new skills and move in other, more successful directions. Your business is your baby, so love, feed and nurture it for health and productivity.Hopefully, these tips give you some valuable insight into making your good horse business great. Because my business specializes in improving all businesses in the equine industry, I can see areas of strength and weaknesses that are perhaps to "close to the bone" for you to recognize in your business. I have successfully managed farms, equine programs, veterinary clinics and facilities since 1994, so I fully understand the steps needed to keep improving and moving forward. Contact me to get a free consultation. If you order by June 30, your first month is free when you sign up for a bookkeeping package. In the meantime, have a successful summer, put profit first and trot on. ☺

Increase Sales on Your Horse Business Web...

(04/17/2018) All businesses, in the equine industry and otherwise, need to have a website in today's modern times. It is an excellent and essential tool to inform customers about services offered, animals for sale, etc. Unfortunately, this question (which you should be asking yourself regularly) doesn't get asked enough by business owners, "Is my business really doing its best to sell on its website, or could it use a "sprucing up" to keep it current and user-friendly?" A website works for your business 24/7, but it will only truly help if it's updated frequently and user-friendly. All websites need certain pages to help potential clients "research" about your farm, blacksmith or veterinary services, etc. Unfortunately, if a website is missing critical information, is out-of-date, or is just hard to read then it won't help clients at all and it certainly can't rank well with search engine optimization (SEO). How easy each page is to find, understand and navigate can make all the difference from getting the sale versus the customer leaving your site because he or she can't understand what is written or how to find information on the site. Website content is incredibly important both visually and in determining its effectiveness. Fresh and unique website content is critical to "motivate" customers to frequently visit your site. Certain pages, like the HOME PAGE, ABOUT, PRODUCTS/SERVICES and the CONTACT page are essential to helping customers "surf" your page. Additionally, the overall layouts and useful information on all are critical to success - engagement of new visitors is only a two to four second time, so getting the "biggest bang for the buck" is essential. Website clean-up provides an opportunity to write simpler and more straight-forward copy on all pages to more effectively target and engage new visitors. If your website is not current then it will most certainly lack professional polish, causing your business to lose any authority. If there is outdated material on the website then those looking for your offerings will look elsewhere. Honestly, poorly designed and out out-of-date information causes customers to make negative assumptions about the business, as a whole. Updating your website also has the added bonus of keeping it higher in search engine rankings. It has been said that even if a website is full of high-quality material if it hasn't been updated in years then it will not be regarded as "current" by search engines, something essential in today's business world. Although it takes time and effort, re-writing and updating information on your website can give increased traffic, engagement and improve ratings on search engines. All of this leads to more business and greater sales. Please contact me if you ever need help decreasing old, cluttered website information, or just improving the efficiency of your web pages, (352-229-4868, or here). In the meantime, have a GREAT spring, put profit first and trot on.


(03/22/2018) Over my years in the equine industry, working for and managing farms, veterinary clinics, farm offices, etc., the one thing that always held true was that there often weren't enough hours in the day to get all the day's work done. Time and time again, I saw very effective equine professionals, so talented with the horses and clients, but essentially living out of the back of their truck regarding the book-work and business end.When an equine industry professional outsources invoicing, bill pay, and the books in general, they finally get needed time to spend on their talents and passions to develop young horses, get their students to the next level, or improve their blacksmith, veterinary practice or horse business by serving more clients. Outsourcing bookkeeping obligations lets you: SAVE MONEY - Outsourcing the business bookkeeping eliminates hiring employees to handle bookkeeping, meaning you pay a salary, cover workmen's comp and taxes. This employee also works at your farm or office and needs state-of-the-art hardware and software. Outsourcing eliminates these additional costs for normally a low, monthly fee.GET MORE TIME TO IMPROVE YOUR FOCUS - You started this business because you are great at what you do, but you need time and energy to devote to your skills and passion. Outsourcing enables needed time to devote to your skills and passions. For horse trainers, professional riders, veterinarians, blacksmiths, etc., outsourcing bookkeeping can renew enthusiasm. Few people start a business because they're looking forward to crunching numbers and it's a task many entrepreneurs find eating up their time.HAVE EXPERTISE - Outsourcing places your bookkeeping in the hands of trained professionals focused on making you more profitable and organized. Think about it. Their success is dependent on your success. Their most important goal is to improve your business, so getting a bookkeeper who has extensive knowledge in your industry is key to really improving your business and improving time management.INCREASE SAFETY - Few things require more safety than financial records. Data security and up-to-date technology are essential to maintaining your privacy and security. By doing your company's own books, your own company must carry the latest technology and product updates to ensure this security, meaning more money to spend.HAVE TAX READY FINANCIALS USING LATEST TECHNOLOGY - Using outsourced professional bookkeeping makes accountants, the IRS, and banking institutions happy because it eliminates concern over whether or not the books are accurate. Many businesses also limp along with outdated accounting and bookkeeping software applications, which can really hinder good financial reporting. Whether a business needs to learn better ways to invoice and collect, present a banker with current financial figures for loans and mortgage, or cut costs and improve profits, outsourcing bookkeeping should be an easy choice. Contact me if you need help getting your business books in order: call 352-229-4868, or click here Make your good business great, put profit first and trot on. ☺

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